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A Call to Participate in a Dissertation Research Project on OPM’s

Are you working on online education programs at your school? Have you interacted with an online program management (OPM) company as part of this work?

If the answers are “yes” to both of these questions, I have a request. Please consider contributing your experience to a dissertation research project on OPMs.

The link to fill out the survey is:

The doctoral student doing the research is Michael Graham, an Ed.D. candidate in the Higher Education Leadership program at National Louis University. When Mike is not writing his dissertation, he is a Vice President of Information Technology and CIO.

If you have ever thought about getting your terminal degree while working full-time in a big job, Mike is proof that it can be done. By filling his research survey – I did – we can help a colleague move closer to a degree.

Plus, Mike’s research is really important. We desperately need the sort of independent, critical, hypothesis, and data-driven research that Mike is doing on non-profit/for-profit partnerships in online learning.

The abstract to Mike’s dissertation reads, in part:

While it is important to begin to provide academic scrutiny to this industry, it is also critical to understand the impact of this multi-billion-dollar industry on the higher education model.  Understanding institutional satisfaction with OPMs will help to shed light on how higher education views the OPM industry as a whole. 

Most of the stories in the industry journals describe OPMs at an industry-wide level, or a negative representation of the OPM.  The higher education perspective is not generally represented.  This one-sided representation does not allow for a complete understanding of what an OPM does for an institution.  This survey allows a view into all aspects of the OPM relationship to higher education

I hope you will consider investing some time (the survey is really short and quick) in this important research project.

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