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Annual Report Analyzes Global Attacks on Academic Freedoms

A new report from the Academic Freedom Monitoring Project of the Scholars at Risk Network analyzed 341 documented attacks on students, scholars and educational institutions in 54 countries over the past year.

This year’s “Free to Think” report, the latest in an annual series, highlights how COVID-related restrictions affected academic freedom by cutting off academic travel and enabling greater surveillance of university classrooms.

“Higher education communities experienced new versions of old pressures, aware that their every lecture, communication, and in-class interaction could now be monitored and recorded; universities experienced unprecedented financial challenges; and state actors attacked scholars and students challenging official government narratives about the causes of and solutions to the crisis,” the report states.

The report also includes information about attacks on academic freedoms in China and Hong Kong, India, and Turkey, as well as on the deterioration of higher education systems wrought by the economic crisis in Venezuela and five years of war and humanitarian crisis in Yemen.

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