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EDUCAUSE 2020: 4 Tips to Make Cost Optimization Part of Your IT Pandemic Plan

It’s never been more critical for IT departments to make the most of small budgets. Even as COVID-19 pushes enrollment dollars toward decline, the funding needed to ensure an effective move to hybrid and remote learning is increasing.

“One of the things we encounter is that we have to apply a new type of thinking,” said CDW executive technology strategist Matthew Beaverson. “We’re faced with shrinking budgets and doing more with less. We’re working with lower head counts than we had previously.”

Cost optimization is not unfamiliar territory for anyone in charge of a departmental budget spreadsheet. However, as Beaverson points out, because economic indicators don’t support an immediate recovery, campus IT leaders may well need to shave dollars where they can for the foreseeable future.

How? In an Oct. 27 virtual presentation to attendees at the online EDUCAUSE 2020 conference, Beaverson outlined three primary ways to approach these changes. One, he said, is through process, “which is essentially inward-looking at IT and how we provide quality and performance for IT delivery.”

Next, he continued, “We can look at service and how we provide services to internal customers.”

Finally, he concluded, “We can align with the organization as it requires optimization via speed, agility and innovation. For higher education, that’s meant responding to remote learning and providing systems to support that at a scale we’ve never previously envisioned.”

Beaverson outlined four distinct focus areas for achieving these goals.