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Accreditor Approves Goodwin’s Acquisition of University of Bridgeport

Goodwin University’s acquisition of the University of Bridgeport was approved by the New England Commission of Higher Education late last month, the regional accreditor announced Wednesday.

With continuing accreditation from NECHE, Bridgeport will be an “independent institution under the Goodwin University umbrella,” Mark Scheinberg, president of Goodwin, said in a press release. NECHE also reupped Goodwin’s accreditation last month.

Completion of the acquisition still hinges on approval from the Department of Education and programmatic accreditors.

The deal was first announced this summer as a transaction that would have had Sacred Heart University, Goodwin and the Paier College of Art each taking on several University of Bridgeport programs. But Sacred Heart withdrew this fall, leaving leaders to pursue a modified acquisition.

Paier, which is moving to acquire Bridgeport programs in graphic and interior design, is covered by another accreditor because it is a for-profit institution, the Connecticut Post reported. Programs Paier is acquiring cover about 200 students. Goodwin is taking on the remainder of Bridgeport, about 4,000 students.

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