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Colleges Strive to Create Positive Social Experiences Amid COVID-19

At the University of Arizona, CISO Lanita Collette wants to make campus life feel more ordinary in these extraordinary times. One of her strategies is to use data to help students follow social distancing guidelines, delivering a safe campus experience while allowing some sense of normalcy.

By using the Splunk analytics platform, administrators can see where wireless access point usage is heavy, an indicator that students may be clustering.

“We can see the peak times in the university union, for example,” Colette says. “The data helps us to keep the students informed around safety-related issues.”

That’s just one way in which colleges are leveraging technology to deliver on the promise of a rich and fulfilling campus experience. In these disrupted times, institutions have used a variety of tactics — outdoor movie showings, virtual campus tours, esports in place of physical athletics — in an effort to drive student retention and boost student enrollment.