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Hampton President to Retire After 43 Years

Hampton University president William Harvey, 79, will retire in June 2022, the university announced Monday.

Harvey has served as president of the historically Black university for 43 years — an exceptionally long time among college presidents, who typically spend fewer than 10 years at a particular institution.

“As a Hampton University Alumnus and Chairman of its Board of Trustees, the growth and development that I have witnessed under Dr. Harvey’s successful leadership have been, in a word, triumphant,” board chair Wesley Coleman said in a press release. “The significance of this president’s legendary contributions to Hampton will be celebrated for generations. Indeed, the school is so much better off for his having served as our 12th President.”

During his tenure, Harvey oversaw substantial growth in the university’s endowment and enrollment. The university also boasts a stronger financial profile. But in recent years, Harvey’s leadership was increasingly criticized. Students raised concerns about sexual assault on campus, dormitory maintenance, food quality in the cafeteria and alleged nepotism among leadership at the university.

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