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Iowa Suspends Acacia Fraternity

The University of Iowa has suspended Acacia Fraternity for high-risk hazing and a long list of other violations, The Gazette reported.

The fraternity berated new members for “religious, political beliefs, or racial/ethnic identity,” including during an initiation ceremony. “All new members were berated and called demeaning and misogynistic names at various times during Initiation Week,” according to a lengthy investigative report provided to The Gazette following a public records request. “Although the fall new members experienced a great deal of concerning treatment during their pledging process, the reporting parties were ‘really concerned’ about things happening to new members in the spring.”

The new members were ordered into the house attic “until they consumed the alcohol that was provided for them” — reportedly 60 to 90 cans of beer and two to three handles of vodka.

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