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Magazine Sorry for ‘Auditory Blackface’

Fireside Magazine is apologizing to a Black female professor for having her essay in the magazine recorded by a white male speaking with an accent some view as typical of a minstrel show, The Washington Post reported.

Regina N. Bradley is an assistant professor of English and African diaspora studies at Kennesaw State University. Her essay “is about how acclaimed hip-hop duo Outkast blended Black Southern life of the past and present in their music to paint possibilities of their lives in the future,” the Post said.

“Why is this man doing terrible Jamaican patois?” Bradley wrote in an email to the Post. “And then he started my actual essay, and I felt anger and betrayal. Is this how illegible southern black women are to white folks, especially white men.”

Pablo Defendini, the publisher, apologized, saying the recording “basically amounted to auditory blackface, in the worst tradition of racist minstrelsy.”

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