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Professor Fired for Misconduct With 17-Year-Old

The University of Washington fired John Sahr, a professor of electrical and computer engineering and former interim director of the Robinson Center for Young Scholars, following an investigation into sexual misconduct allegations. Washington said last year that Sahr had had “inappropriate conduct with two students, including a 17-year-old undergraduate who was a Robinson Center student.” The university put Sahr on home leave and later pursued a process to end his tenure and employment. That process ended Nov. 12 with Sahr’s termination, Washington said last week.

The “safety of our community is the UW’s highest priority, and this type of conduct cannot be tolerated,” Victor Balta, spokesperson, said in a statement. “While there continues to be no evidence that leads us to believe there are additional students, faculty or staff who were impacted by Sahr’s actions, resources are being provided to students and departments in which Sahr was most directly involved to provide them with needed support and avenues to safely report anything that has not already been made known.”

Balta said the decision to terminate any employee is “one the university takes with great care and seriousness.” Sahr previously denied that his behavior met the university’s definition of misconduct but called himself a “scumbag,” according to The Seattle Times.

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